Here you find a little information as to what we do in the dining room, and hope to achieve, whilst you stay here with us.


To our new students the school year of 2023/2024 we wish a warm welcome to Nordiska folkhögskolan matsalen!

Who and where

Our dining room is located in Nordiska folkhögskolan on a mountain with an inspiring view of the Göta river and Bohus fortress - a beautiful panorama that inspires all year round. Spring as autumn, summer as winter.

During a typical week we are four cooks and up to four cold kitchen personnel who work to bring home cooked meals to all our guests.

We benefit from being a multicultural kitchen with staff from Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom and Eritrea. This means we have a wide range of food from homely Swedish classics to exciting and vibrant foods from around the world. As much as possible we cook our recipes from scratch.

What we do

We are actively working towards a greener, more locally produced menu. Every Monday we have a “green” menu with fresh and tasty vegetarian and vegan foods served the entire day. For our boarding students the evening mealtime is also vegetarian and vegan.

We work with local companies such as Dahl’s bakeri, Leröys fisk and Lunnagårdens Grönsaker to provide the highest quality ingredients from local producers. We work closely with our local producers and suppliers to ensure we are getting the best produce in the right season.

We don’t want food alternatives to be an “afterthought” as is typical in many eateries, so we work actively to find the best recipes for vegetarian, vegan and gluten free foods. Whatever your favourite eats and dietary needs may be, we hope to have you covered and well fed.

We offer seasonal and fun fikas during holidays and festive times such as Påsk, Halloween and Jul.  There is also a café open to sell fika during the day, between meal times, throughout the year.

Once a year there will be a vegetarian/vegan cooking course run from the kitchen for those who wish to learn some new skills or deepen their knowledge of cooking.

We are open to suggestions and recipes and you will find several ways to interact with us, in person, through the postlåda by the matsalen door or via our Facebook page.

So welcome again to Nordiska matsalen, don’t be shy, come and talk to us. Let us know your dietary requirements or just tell us your favourite foods!

Allergy policy

We take commonly occurring allergies into account. Gluten. Lactose. Nuts. Milk protein. Egg. We provide diet food if a medical certificate is available. If you inform us in advance, we will make food that satisfies your desire.

Our kitchen and dining room are not allergy-free and we do not have a separate kitchen for special diets. In our premises there may therefore be airborne substances from flour, nuts, shellfish and eggs.


Här beställer du matlåda och bakingredienser

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