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Nordiska folkhögskolan

When Nordiska was founded in 1947, after the Second World War, it was with the idea of creating a democratic and free Nordic meeting place. Today the school has a wide range of courses with over 200 participants per year. Our artistic courses are open to applicants from all Nordic countries.

Swedish folk high school differs somewhat from the corresponding educations in Denmark, Norway and Finland. The courses in Sweden are state-funded, clearly profiled and cover a whole year of full-time studies.


Favorable financial conditions

Swedish folkhögskolor are free of charge, which means you only pay for teaching materials plus board and lodging. Here you can read more about the cost of studying and living at Nordiska folkhögskolan.

Early admission

Early admission for those of you who apply from a country other than Sweden. We will notify you shortly after we receive your application. Applicants from Norway will get an answer after February 1st, in alignement with the Norwegian system.

On the course page for each course there is more information about the application and a link to the application form, see below

The school offers courses in: