Why study at Nordiska?

Only 3 hours from

Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen.

Just 20 minutes from Göteborg. Welcome to Nordiska.

Why study film at Nordiska?

Today Nordiska folkhögskolan is the home of serious, post-secondary education and with an emphasis on storytelling - be it in film, literature, music, theatre, or photography. If you are from another Nordic country than Sweden click here for information related to your specific country. Generally, teaching at Nordiska is of a higher level than what is normally associated with Folk-highschools, a fact that we value highly and fits well with our plan for the courses in film production in the future. Only here at Nordiska will you find this level competent teaching, cooperative learning, level of freedom, and sense of community. Teaching will be held in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian - as long as you are confident in the use of any of the Scandinavian languages you will do fine.

Nordiska folkhögskolan is close to the cultural centre of Göteborg and only half a day from both Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen. Any self-respecting filmstudies course will work with third party partners and the geographical location of the school is perfect as a stepping stone into the Nordic film community: the many mediaschools in Västra Götalands Regionen, in our neighbouring countries, and the relevant festivals such as Frame in Göteborg, the shortfilm festival in Uppsala, Sveriges Kortfilmfestival, and obviously Göteborg International Film Festival. Nordiska Filmskolan is also a member of Sveriges Film- och Videoförbund opening a door into the filmmaking world of Sweden.

To read more about the school click here or check out the virtual tours of the school in all Scandinavian languages here.

Scholarships and costs

Swedish students can apply for CSN. To read more click here.

Students from other Nordic countries/territories can read more about scholarships etc. here.

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