Welcome to Nordiska

Courses at Nordiska folkhögskolan

Nordiska folkhögskolan is the home of several courses:

  • Almänna linjer: elementary school- and secondary school training for Swedish students.
  • Profil kurser: serious, post-secondary education (efter-gymnasial) with an emphasis on storytelling - be it in film, literature, music, theatre, or photography. Our profile courses draw inspiration from and complement each other. The length of the courses vary from one term to a whole year.
  • You must be 18 or older to study at Nordiska folkhögskolan.


We take great pride in being a part of the beautiful countryside of Bohus Län, our Nordic history, and modern culture - of which Göteborg is at the centre in Scandinavia.

Nordiska folkhögskolan is located in Kungälv, resting on the hills above the old part of town. Kungälv has been at the centre of Nordic culture for centuries. This is where the three nations of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden agreed to live in peace in 1101. The tradition of the town being a cultural melting pot still lives on to this day, and as an embodiment of the idea of Nordic friendship is Nordiska folkhögskolan, overlooking the medieval castle of Bohus Fästning. Close to the school you will find a large natural area with forests, rivers, and hills offering great possibilities for outdoor activities.

With public transportation the city of Göteborg is 20 minutes away, and you can reach the capitals of Scandinavia (Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen) within half a day’s journey.

Living at the school

Attached to Nordiska you will find small dormitories, equipped with 7 single and a few double rooms, wifi, a shared kitchen, and bathrooms. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served five days a week at the school's main building. There are a common facilities such as a sauna, computer room, larger kitchen with an attached common room for larger gatherings, a library with Nordic literature.

Is Swedish not your mother tongue?

At Nordiska folkhögskolan we cross many cultural barriers - also when it comes language. As long as you are confident in the use of any of the Scandinavian languages you will do fine. Teaching will be held in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian or ”Scandinavian”. English can be used as a mediator in the beginning of the term, should it be necessary - but it is our experience that our students all catch on to the various Scandinavian dialects pretty quickly.

Teaching is in Swedish in our allmänna courses and we do offer Swedish as a second language there also. For students on our profile courses we can arrange introductory courses in Swedish, should the need arise.


Norway, Finland, Åland, and Demnark have agreements related to financial support for students studying at folkhighschools in neighbouring contries. Danish, Greenlandic, Icelandic, and Faroese students at Nordiska also have the opportunity to apply for a reduced-cost-scholarship directly by contacting the school. Unfortunately we are not able to help with the application for scholarships from students from other countries than the ones mentioned. Swedish students can apply for CSN and student loans.

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