Physical theatre full time training


Nordiska Teaterskolan is a serious full-time education with a focus on movement-based acting. We start from body and movement, and with foundation in a physical practice, we apply psychological, mental and analytical methods for a rich acting process.

The courses are aimed at those of you who are determined in your quest to achieve individual results and feel the desire and joy in a collective work community. We offer intensive and varied training in acting for 1 + 1 years. The goal is to provide you with a variety of tools that can help you to develop into an independently creative performing artist. 

At Nordiska Teaterskolan, the actor’s freedom is at the center, we are happy to work with devisied projects where one’s own artistic creation can have a large space. The pursuit of CURIOSITY – COURAGE – PASSION permeates what we do.

At the Nordic Theater School, you only have lessons with a focus on theater. We work full time, and periodically also during evenings and weekends. You work exclusively with teachers who have many years of experience and roots in the professional theater life, and are not taught or directed by students.

The language of instruction is usually Swedish, but if necessary, parts of the instruction are given in English during the first part of the year. As a participant, you can sometimes work in your mother tongue, but you must be prepared to work in Swedish.

Here you can find information about economy for participants from the nordic countries. 

On the webpage you can read more about what we do – if you have problems understanding Swedish, you are welcome to contact us and we will guide you.